Caught Looking Woodworks

Hello! I'm Tim Miller, the owner and Chief Sawdust Creator at Caught Looking Woodworks, a small woodworking shop based in my two-car garage just outside Seattle, Washington.

Caught Looking Woodworks was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. I started with a used table saw and orbital sander so I could make a set of cornhole boards with my girlfriend's son. A few years and heaps of saw dust later, I have a fully functioning woodshop and started selling online and at local artisan markets in 2021.

The Process

I start with hand selecting each piece of wood that comes into my small shop in Shoreline, Washington. I never know in advance what will become of a board, just that its specific character strikes me in some way - usually beautiful figure or grain patterns, a disruptive knot hole that caused others to reject the board, or sometimes, if I'm lucky, it's the origin story of the tree.

My designs center on featuring that special character by pairing different wood species together or combining the wood with epoxy resin to offset the organic beauty with otherworldly colors. From the first cut to the last coat of finish, every piece is made completely by hand.

My Customers are everything...

It's still amazing to me that my job is to create things with my own two hands that people across the country bring into their homes and enjoy.